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Consultants at Coppercone

The workload of a consultant at Coppercone varies with each job and each project. Some projects require a team of consultants, while others require an independent consultant working with the company’s managers. The role of a consultant thus can be summed up as:

  • Handle a key role on a project implementation team
  • Actively manage full life-cycle implementation projects with functional modules and technical integration issues associated with those modules
  • Have in depth knowledge of functional process and design, execution methodology & applications setup
  • Assist and guide the organizational change management
  • Study the business concerns and come up with tactics to solve them
  • Have the unique capability to bridge technology and business
  • Specialize in a specific industry while others are skilled in a type of business function, such as human resources or financial accounting

A consultant’s job goes beyond to include collecting, reviewing and analyzing information, and making recommendations to management. Often in writing, oral presentations are also common. Therefore, strong communication skills are a must.

Consultants should be self-motivated and disciplined with strong analytical skills, should get along with a wide range of people, possess good judgment and time management skills, and have a creative bent of mind. For some projects, consultants are retained to help implement their recommendations.

In order to get to the point in your career when you can become a consultant, you need to be well-educated and have a lot of experience in your chosen field. Most clients look for consultants with a blend of business and technology skills.

Consultants frequently attend conferences to keep up with current developments in their industry. Though certification is not required for consultants, it often gives you the competitive advantage you need to stay ahead.

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