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Nearshore Outsourcing

For some companies, one of the benefits of offshoring is the round-the-clock factor derived from being in disparate time zones. The flip side of this is there is little to no opportunity for businesses to work collaboratively with their offshore partner due to the time difference. With nearshoring, the benefit of proximity is more than just working in the same, or close, time zone. For projects that require close interaction with the company and its outsourcing partner, nearshoring is an excellent solution with less expensive travel costs and shortened travel time as an added benefit.

In today’s hectic world, organizations are working overtime to maximize efficiencies worldwide. Most companies have already started the process or are seriously looking into the benefits of nearshoring.


  • Hourly Cost
  • Cultural Affinity
  • Time Difference
  • Geography
  • Political Risk
  • Jobs
  • Attrition
  • Education
  • Travel Cost
  • Total Integrated Cost


  • Low Hourly Cost
  • Strong Cultural Differences
  • 11 Hours Time Difference
  • Huge Geographical distance
  • High Political risk
  • Talent Dilution
  • More than 30%
  • High Standards
  • Costly Travel Expenses
  • Higher Total Cost of Engagements


  • On par with Offshore Outsourcing
  • Cultural Affinity
  • Full U. S. business day overlap
  • Closer to Home Country
  • High Political risk
  • Top-tier talent
  • Less than 5%
  • Comparable IT skills
  • Lower travel Expenses
  • Lower Total Cost of Engagements

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