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Pre-Built SAP RF Transactions

Accelerate RF Deployment and Reduce Cost with Pre-Configured Software

Coppercone makes available an assortment of popular, pre-built and proven SAP RF transaction templates—that can help reduce development time, cost and risk while significantly upping your ROI. Working in unison with, or in place of, SAP’s standard delivered transactions, they will enable you to develop custom RF transactions based on solid and well-documented foundations. Why start from scratch? These pre-configured solutions—developed in ABAP— quickly accelerate your project and point you toward success.

Reduced Risk

The implementation of custom RF Transactions can require much design, development, and testing without guarantees of success. Our pre-built Coppercone custom transactions, on the other hand, have been successfully tested and deployed to deliver the results you need: without the risks businesses wisely seek to avoid.

Reduce Design & Development Time

Developing RF Transactions can take literally hundreds of hours of development and testing time away from your operation. Our pre-built transactions, however, can be quickly loaded into your system and, depending on the physical process, tie into streamlined processes. (For example: Goods Receipt by PO tied to Putaway by TO equals Goods Receipts with Directed Putaway) thus eliminating an entire step. Coppercone’s custom transactions employ best practices for, and fully integrate with, SAP WM (Warehouse Management), SAP IM (Inventory Management), SAP MM (Materials Management) and SAP PP (Production Planning). They are designed to be easily customizable should your needs ever require it.

Reduced Cost

Coppercone’s pre-built Transactions represent great value, decidedly so when compared to the cost of developing your own transactions from scratch. Why take on the costs associated with extensive design, development, and testing of custom transaction solutions from the ground up? Coppercone’s pre-built transaction solutions save money and assure superior reliability.

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