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SAP Business Intelligence

Making the most of your SAP Business Information Warehouse

Maximizing the return on your BI/BOBJ investment requires the ability to fully integrate and access valuable data. Many companies implement BW/BI to address specific needs; however, with modest investment, Coppercone can help you to increase the usefulness and value of your SAP Business Information Warehouse.

Business Intelligence Strategy Experience

To maximize your ROI, consider employing our experience in assessing and creating strategies to expand your use of SAP BI/BOBJ or to take fuller advantage of its features.

Senior BW/BI Consultants

With a wealth of SAP BI/BOBJ experience, our consultants can provide you with the knowledge needed to effectively implement, upgrade, and utilize BI/BOBJ.

Portals & Netweaver Expertise

Utilize our SAP Portals & Netweaver expertise to take BI/BOBJ to a higher level of proactive, collaborative, extra value.

Holistic SAP Approach

Our unique understanding of how SAP accomplishes total solutions helps us to innovatively implement and integrate BW/BI within our clients’ current installed functionality. It will also helps you plan future growth into areas such as SEM, PLM, CRM, et cetera.

Business Experience

Our business-savvy BI/BOBJ consultants can optimize your Business Intelligence design strategy to meet your business objectives—by first fully understanding your business processes and then helping you incorporate proven strategies.

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