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Customer-Centric SAP Consulting

If you already have SAP CRM implemented, but want to expand its functionality—or are considering implementing it—Coppercone provides the knowledge, expertise and resources that a growing number of business look to. Our impressive SAP CRM expertise can ensure that you better support your customers in the areas of marketing, sales, and service while improving your own bottom line. Coppercone’s total SAP solution approach not only facilitates the implementation of front-end CRM but also back-end office integration—while delivering a robust SAP CRM solution you can use, support and expand.

Complete CRM Integration

Depend on us to help seamlessly integrate SAP’s Customer Relationship Management solution within your current SAP environment.

Experienced CRM Consultants

You can leverage our top SAP CRM talent to help reduce risk—while developing customer solutions that win plaudits.

Emerging CRM Technologies

The benefits of SAP’s evolving CRM functionality in areas such as Channel Commerce, Sales Analytics, E-Service, and more are yours with Coppercone’s assurance of proven expertise.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

You want to lower costs; we want to lock you in as clients by meeting your needs while minimizing the disruption to your systems and users. Let us propose a win-win plan that makes total sense.

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