Spike Testing web applications

There are a host of reasons why demand for a web application varies. Many are predictable and time-related, such as a seasonal variation in demand or simply the time of day. Others are predictable and event driven, such as the launch of a new product or web-site service, or move to a irtualized infrastructure. And there are also the difficult to predict, such as interest generated from the news media or internet memes.. Whatever the cause, websites can be spike tested to ensure that performance problems are found and fixed before the demand. Acutest’s load testing cloud service, the Load Cannon, delivers this type of spike testing.

Then there are the spike tests that deal with a really massive increase in demand. These are normally caused by big events; a major new product roll-outs, a web sales channel opening or information demand during a popular entertainment event. These require very large scale spike tests.

To meet this need we have created our imaginitively names Very Large Scale (VLS) spike test service. Its built on top of the Load Cannon, starting with the same proven infrastructure and framework. To this we’ve added additional building blocks to cope with increased demands for capacity, capability and complexity. The service can be ramped up until the level of demad expected is reached or the website ceases to operate effectively.

Spike testing on demand

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Case studies

Spike testing from the cloud has always been popular with organisations that don’t have their own capability in the form of performance testing specialists or load testing tools. This spike test service is also now being used by organisations that have their in-house performance test solution ava=ilable. This is often because their load testing solutions are limited by the number of users they can simulate for testing purposes. Adding the additional virtual users required can prove prohibitively expensive. As the VLS spike testing service (and spike testing with the Load Cannon) are priced on the amount of testing conducted rather than the number of users simulated in the testing, it can be extremely cost effective in meeting this demand.

So, contact us to explore how we can provide a spike testing solution tailor made for you: 1-800-510-3698.